Courageously promote your work like the real business it is.

Art is a profession.

Custom Web Design for Creatives

You're overflowing with passion and skill. Your dedication to your craft is undeniable – those creative juices NEVER stop flowing!

Your mind is always in the loop of gaining inspiration, creating, selling, and showcasing. You *think* if you're not creating, you're not selling…

But maybe your expertise in the creative world is making you overlook how your website might be holding you back. Your website shouldn't box in your creativity or limit your earning potential!

You don’t need to sacrifice your creative style to sell out.

I believe ALL creatives are undercharging.

Sometimes, you just need a fresh perspective to see how a well-designed website can liberate your creative spirit, support your ambitions, raise your prices, and expand your reach.

New friend. who dis?

Oh hey, I’M Chantel

It’s not easy being in the creative industry. I’ve been right alongside you for 15 years, and building bespoke websites for 5.

Been there, designed that! 🎨

Creating your craft is work, and there’s NO reason you shouldn’t be able to thrive without adding in a side hustle or compromising your vision.

I’m here for those deep, visionary, late-night-creative-sessions that *only* YOU AND I can understand.

Put us in a box? Says whoooo??

And YOU'RE not just a dreamer.

You were made to believe tech is conforming to the soulless corporate giants, but this mindset is keeping you from scaling your creative business.

Let’s elevate you to a full-time creative entrepreneur, get those repeat customers admirers, so you can feel confident about raising your prices and expanding your brand.


to Grow?

Custom websites for creatives expanding faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Oooor… maybe you just want to increase your prices or add a new offer.

Web Design & Branding

8 Hours split between 2 days, dedicated to YOU and getting your website-to-do list marked off. Lets free up your schedule so you can get back to being creative

VIP Design Day

In 4 weeks, we’ll build a simple Shopify website for your art. You’ll make guided decisions on branding, website layout, and how to attract buyers. Or better yet, collectors! Whatever art you don’t sell in-person, your new website will sell for you.

Canvas to Clicks

Maaaaybe because they’re selling their art from all over… even from the bathtub

These multi-faceted creatives love their sites!

Get the exact list of questions I ask before starting every web design project.

Overwhelmed with everything you have to do to get your website project done?

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