Want eye- catching designs
that are strategically
crafted to set you apart?

you're in the right place

The only problem is...

You want to create a credible website, easily book more clients, and give you back your freedom.

You're overwhelmed with everything you have to do to get your website project done

Tech can be intimidating

You're losing time which loses money

You're slowing down on the momentum of your business

You're embarrassed to show potential clients your existing website

You think something is wrong with you or most importantly your business

You wish you could have a website that just WORKS without staying up all night stressing out about it

That's where I come in

HI, I’M chantel!
I'm your go-to web wizard 🧙‍♀️

Dedicated to empowering fabulous, non-techie female business owners like you with the superpower to craft strategic and stunning websites on Showit and Shopify. It's all about reclaiming your freedom.

That's why I love helping ambitious female entrepreneurs like you relieve the stress of having a converting and credible website without the stress of second guessing your website.

The good news is that you don't have to have another cookie cutter website that's not aligned with your brand.

Dive into my portfolio for a dose of inspiration and imagine the awesome website you could rock! Your online playground is just waiting to happen—let's turn your ideas into a web wonderland. Get ready to have some serious fun with your very own slice of the internet! 🚀

And traditionally modern

Be Fearlessly Authentic.

Get the exact list of questions I ask before starting every web design project.

Overwhelmed with everything you have to do to get your website project done?